Oh, Debt! You Are Such a Sweet Thing

Jun 25, 2020

Having spent a decade-long career as an arranger & provider of “debt”, I sometimes feel like a ‘HALWAI’ or ‘MITHAIWALA’. No, I am not completely insane. My wife had me tested, twice…

When I say that I feel like a “HALWAI/ MITHAIWALA”, that’s because I compare the commodity in which I deal – “Debt” to “Sweets”. Absurd right? Take a moment to absorb.

So, for the remaining article, I request you to read “Sugar/Sweets” as “Debt” to make a sense of what I am trying to say. (Sugar = Debt) Proceed now to decipher/decode the metaphor.

Why compare or equate them? Because I have seen businessmen talk more on the subject of ‘health & fitness’ than about the ‘financial health’ of their business. But really can’t blame them nowadays, we all like to talk about pleasant things, don’t we?

I often pass a word of caution to my clients – ‘Look (debt is like sugar and) excess of sugar causes diabetes and diabetes opens up the door to lot many discomforts and diseases. So one should always be very responsible as they are with sugar. With this advice full of insight and wisdom, I desperately wish to transform myself from a Halwai to a Nutritionist.

I feel sad when I meet people who have high sugar or are diabetic. If you wish to continue relishing the guilty pleasures of consuming sweets, you got to remain physically fit. You have to follow a rigorous exercise routine to maintain a high metabolic rate. Your body should be able to process high sugar intake. Otherwise, this excess sugar can become toxic.

Then I meet the other extremes – extra cautious or ‘health freaks’ who say I avoid sugar by all means. I just get bewildered by knowing how can one miss the pure pleasure of having sweets. How can you resist your temptations.? Come on, after all, they are so sweet, they are so easy on your tongue. I feel that they are really missing out on so many things in life. There are so many varieties of sweets, find something that suits your taste palate. What’s the fun of living otherwise? Isn’t extreme caution also boring? At least for a foodie like me, I live to eat and not eat to live.

I would keep it short. So to summarize, as my professional advice one should not miss on the pleasure of enjoying something so sweet, we just need to ensure the following:

  • Consume in moderation. Assess & evaluate the level of sweets you can continue to enjoy for a sustainably long period based on your body type & metabolism.
  • Monitor the sugar levels periodically. Don’t let it cross the danger levels.
  • Last but not the least, consume the best quality products from your favourite Halwai/Nutritionist- Girish Lakhotiya @ Prachay.

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